Go Vegan! Go! is a nonprofit organization that provides free administrative, organizational, promotional, and technical support to nonprofit organizations, events, and projects that advance, support, and enable the rights of animals.

Go Vegan! Go! is staffed by Simon Keegans and John Colvin and governed by a Board of Directors.  For the sake of transparency, it should be noted that John and Simon are married to one another.  



Simon Keegans, Executive Director 

In her real life, Simon works for a small nonprofit organization in Columbus, OH.  She attended the Ohio State University until 2011, and has been passionate about nonprofit administration and organization since getting her first real job in that field.  There are unique issues that nonprofit ventures face, and Simon wants to use her experience dealing with them to make great organizations even better.  Simon reads books, watches sad documentaries, and eats vegan cookies, in a small house with three rescued cats and two rescued rabbits who are her raison d'ĂȘtre.  

John Colvin, Technical Lead

John has been vegan since December 2008 and works as a full time web application developer. He combines those worlds in his role as Technical Lead at Go Vegan! Go!. John designs, develops and maintains the code for the websites that Go Vegan! Go! produces and handles any other technical needs of our client organizations. When he finds some spare time, John enjoys tinkering with & riding bikes, playing video games and dangling strings in front of cats.

Board of Directors 

Joshua Eckroth Joshua

Josh is a PhD student in Computer Science at The Ohio State University. He and his wife went vegan shortly after they met in 2006. Their volunteer activities have included fostering dogs for area rescues, raising kittens and fostering adult cats for Cat Welfare, and raising rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons for the Ohio Wildlife Center.

Sarah Moglia Sarah And Benji

Sarah Moglia is a professional atheist who has an unusual affinity for ducks, and a regular affinity for cats.  She graduated from Central College of Pella, IA in 2011 with a degree in Psychology and Communication Studies, then went on to work in communications and event planning for a small nonprofit organization in Columbus, OH.  She is the resident social media expert at Go Vegan! Go!